Singapore Stop over holiday package

30 03 2012

Also forget about this 😛 it’s the same trip as the Bali, back in Aug 2010…This is when I redeem my SIA rewards points to go to Bali, it’ll stop by Singapore and I decided to stayed at Singapore since it’s already calculated in the points. So I took the singapore stop over holiday package through online booking using SIA website.

1) Signed up with Singapore stop over holiday package for RM669/2 person. Stayed at Peninsula excelsior hotel (beside Funan Digital center)
2) Hotel is walking distance to esplanade and Clarke quay. Can overlook Marina Bay Sand and Singapore Flyer 
3) Esplanade has the merlion, walk over to Singapore Flyer and walk over to Marina Bay Sand. Singapore Flyer with the SIA boarding pass, 20% discount.
4) RM669 comes with seat in coach transfer from hotel-airport and vice verse and also SIA Hop on bus. Checkout counters at arrival hall at terminal 2 and terminal 3.
5) Also has a lot free admission (Jurong bird park, sentosa island, tiger tower at sentosa, Singapore zoo, etc), free coffee and bread at *, free shopping S$10 shopping voucher at Changi, 50% ala carte at hotel, free $10 food republic voucher at Wisma Atria Orchard, free river boat ride.
6) Taxi is quite cheap. Depends on the car type, cheap on starts from S$2, expensive one start from S$3. Every subsequent jump $0.20. From Peninsula excelsior to Marina Bay sand is ~S$4.60.
7) MRT station for Peninsula excelsior is city hall (also walking distance). From city hall MRT to Orchard is $1. Purchase single ride ticket at machine pay $2, when arrive refund deposit $1 thru machine as well.
8) Hotel breakfast is not included. But food there is so-so. Better to walk out and explore and get some food 
9) So far, pretty good deal with SSH!



30 03 2012

Forget that I wrote about this back in August 2010.
1) Harris Resort Kuta (2 nights)
a. 4 star hotel. It’s a bit far from Poppies I where all the shops are located. Walk from the main road to hotel is a bit distance.
b. Breakfast if not included inside room rate, then it’s RP60,000/person. Food is still ok and has variety.
c. Room looks a bit “old”, especially bathroom. Hotel staff are very friendly.
d. Swimming pool is small and not that deep.
e. Internet is free first 2 hours, take the coupon & login ID from the boutique.
f. My preference: ***

2) Hard Rock Hotel (2 nights)
a. 5 star hotel! Very nice and worth the $$  As this is just ~RM90 more expensive than Harris. They do give a lot discount vouchers.
b. Very nice and big swimming pool. Have sand spot as well and some part of the swimming pool is in “sand”  special.
c. Breakfast is at Starz Diners, good. Buffet dinner at Starz is expensive and can skip. Has 20% discount voucher.
d. Walking distance to Poppies I and Matahari etc.
e. Free welcome drink (juice or local beer) to be redeem at Starz diners or splash bistro (next to swimming pool).
f. 15% discount for food in Hard Rock Café. Can try this out, not bad the food. Have “club” at 1130pm onwards.
g. FREE 1 6R photo at Hard rock “guitar” wall. Subsequent photo if 6R is at RP60,000.
h. Spa I took at Rock Spa is $45/60min for Balinese massage.
i. Centerstage. At night there’s live music. 20% discount voucher. If not staying there I think can drop by as well, to buy the drinks and listen to the music (with dancers too sometimes ).
j. Stayed 1 whole day inside hotel 
k. Bath room comes with a huge bath tub and floor is shinny tiles.
l. My preference: *****
m. Suggestion stayed somewhere for the nights going out for attraction trips and maybe 1-2 nights stayed at Hard Rock with daytime 
n. If departed early, can ask the hotel staff to pack a breakfast box for you  can ask the reception to arrange for taxi as well.
o. Outsiders: hehe, can go in and walk walk around and see see the swimming pool, centerstage etc 

Bali driver: My driver WayanKiong … Price is RP300,000/day.
day 1 : 300.000 rupiah
barong dance, holy water temple ,coffe field , kintemani volcano,terrace rice field ,ubud market and ubud palace .
day 2 : 300.000 rupiah
tanah lot temple,gwk, blue piont ,uluwatu temple,dinner sunset jimbaran,,,

My boss took another person and he say he’s ok: Nyoman +628123658792.
This is my boss itinerary, also nego for RP300,000.
Day 1 (10 august 2010)
8 am, kuta, 8atu bulan (barong n kris dance), batuan (temple + painting villagges), tampak siring (coffe plantation), kintamani (vulcano,lake batur,lunch), tegalalang (rice teracce), ubud.

Day 2 (11 august 2010)
9 am, nusa dua beach (may be play water sport or go to turtle island), tanah lot, uluwatu (clif temple), jimbaran dinner sea food rest.

* All parking are covered by driver. RP300,000 already included their meal and petrols. They won’t eat with you. They’ll wait you outside while you eat.
* Most spots needed entrance fees. Some drivers didn’t include water, so prepare own water.

Itinerary places comments:
For my trip, places dropped by are as suggested, just change some sequence.
My day 2 stops are all close by except the Tanah lot.
1) Barong dance – ***; RP80,000/person; Lasted for 1 hour; started to get bored half way of presentation
2) Holy water temple – quick stopby; ***; water is very pure; just have a quick look and a quick face wash of the holy water.
3) Coffee field – ***; Luwak coffee for RP100,000/cup. Hmm, doesn’t like it that much. Balinese coffee, chocolate, teas are free for testing. Ended up didn’t buy anything.
4) Kintamani volcano – *****; nice view. Forget the restaurant name, but buffet lunch is expensive and not nice, can ask for ala carte menu!
5) Terrace rice field tegalalang – ****; just a stop by, no meal needed. Nice view.
6) Ubud market – ***; packed and all sorts of things sold here. Didn’t buy anything 
7) Ubud Palace – ***; nothing much, just 5min will do. As only can look at the surrounding, no entry to palace inside. FOC.
8) Tanah Lot – *****; dropped by morning. Sea level is not that high, so can walk into the temple (crossing the water). Quite a nice experience and something unique. Read that evening time it’ll be high tide and only can see it from viewpoint far away.
9) GWK – ***; 2 main statue; but nice photo shots.
10) Blue point – ****; nice clear blue water! Didn’t go into the hotel (if can go into the hotel, heard has a nice swimming pool and church!)instead I hike down to the public beach. Tough hike for olds as there’s some staircases and height.
11) Dreamland – ****; beach again with some cliff. Full of people sunbathing there. Can do a quick drop by.
12) Uluwatu temple – Monkeys! Since I didn’t wear contacts, doesn’t dare to walk all the way till the next viewpoint to take the photo like published in books/blogs. Did see people’s spec being snatch (slow reflects people 😛 ) and bags/umbrellas. Careful when you see a guy with peanuts around, should be point of monkeys attack.
13) Jimbaran – Sunset view with tables directly on sand. Took dinner for 2 for ~RM100/person. But quite full, food still ok. People’s blog introduce Lia café.
14) Nusa Dua beach – didn’t drop by as didn’t plan for any water sport/turtle island.

Some other suggestions:
1) At Kuta area, for cheap and ok food, go for Bamboo Corner, it’s deep inside Poppies I. Orange juice ~RP8,000. Try the seafood basket for RP50,000.
2) From Airport (DPS) to Kuta is ~RP50,000. Once arrival, follow taxi sign and go to the counter written Taxi with a signboard of all the rates for places. Straight pay the $ at the counter and taxi driver will be assigned to you.
3) From Kuta Hard Rock back to airport, blue bird taxi is ~RP55,000. Early morning at 6.30am.
4) Remember when exit, each person need to pay RP150,000 Tax in cash. Check in and walk up to up stairs for the tax payment and departure.
5) Upon departure, first security scan (before check in) is ok to bring water.
6) When arrival, Msia citizen walk to the right and queued up next to “Indonesia …” counter (3-4 counters only). Visa upon arrival counters are for foreigners which will have ~6 – 8 counters. Queue might be faster at visa on arrival (at least for my case).
7) Blue bird taxi is standard meter taxi. Go for this.
8) People there can speak Bahasa Melayu, it might sound a bit different in tone, but can understand. Speak Malay is better  So far, only hard rock staff can speak very fluent english
9) Local beer: Bintang/Bali Hai. Tried Bintang for ~RP14,000, taste like Budwisier 
10) Mineral water can get from Circle K (like our 7-11 here).
11) Exchange rate I get: RM 1 == RP2777. Changed ~RM1200 for 2 person use for 5 days 4 nights. With some credit cards for some of Hard rock expenses 
12) Balinese are mostly Hindus.
13) Sun might be a bit hot there, so sunblock .


20 02 2012

We had a family (7 adult + 3 kids) trip to Hatyai on 4th Feb – 6th Feb, stayed at Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel.

We drove to Hatyai from Penang. The trip take about 3hours+, without counting the jam at Thailand immigration.
So overall, driving there was not a problem.

This is my first time driving across the border to Thailand, so I research online for all the things needed to prepare/do before I depart…
1) Remember to bring your photocopy car grant with latest Road tax printout.
2) Insurance: Actaully just need to buy insurance before entering Thailand. This can be done before the Msia border, normal passenger car RM16, my 7 seater ~RM27, this is a third party insurance. I did expand my car regional geograhical coverage as well for ~RM17 (for in case I wan to fix my car back in Msia, if I had accident in Thailand).
3) GPS updated with Hatyai map and a Hatyai Map. (MalfreeMap)
4) border pass/international passport
5) book hotel
That’s all 🙂 Not that tough…

At the border, Msia immigration, stay inside car, pass all the passengers’ passport to the officer and off you go. At Thailand immigration, park your car at the car park at the left. Then, go to the office, show them your passport and get the immigration card. Queue up at the counters while filling up the form. For the driver, after done the arrival chop, go to the CUSTOM counter, to do car import/export, another queue. Signed 2 signatures, follow the instruction paste on the counter. 2 conditions after this, the one i had was take the paper and take my car and go, heard it might be another condition where you go take your car, come out from the car park the way you go in, and drive your car up to the counter while they pass you the completed forms. Anyway, after this it’s all done and you are good to go 🙂 Btw, make sure you had your departure card with your passport and safe keep the import/export form as it needed to be pass back to the CUSTOM when you leave.

After the immigration, it’s just straight road, until you reach Hatyai Town, then only find your way to the hotel 🙂

In Hatyai, we went for Hatyai Municiple Park for sightseeing. We took the 1 “tuk tuk” there, the driver will bring us all the places and wait for us, it’s ~RM60/whole car. There’s the 4 face buddha, standing Buddha and white Guan Yin. But mainly in Hatyai, it’s shopping shopping shopping…either for Food or Accessories. I updating some of my kitchen stuffs so Zebra is the best choice, there’s a shop opposite Pasar, selling nothing but Zebra. Price is ~half the non-promotional price here. But, careful is that you might be taxed when passing Malaysia border (except you stayed 3 days and above). I had my luggage and junk food stacked on top of the woks etc that I bought, so the custom let me go off without taxing. For going to pasar, basic $ is RM2/person, but if a lot of people you can ask for discount. Hmm, cloths and shoes also quite cheap there 😛 I got a 3-quarter pants for RM15. Levi’s is on sale in ODEAN that time, so I got a Levi pants for RM100 😛 Also, bought a lot of dried seafood there…my mom was telling us, next time go before CNY, so these things all can be use for CNY 🙂 next planning then….. hahaha…Full body massage in lee Garden is ~RM24/2 hours! foot massage at sawdee is ~RM20/1hour. Ginko tongsui is ~RM6/bowl with a lot of Ginko. I changed some of the $ there, it’s about RM1:THB10.05, quite a good deal.

When leaving, crossing the border, all passenger needed to get down the car and chopped and return the departure card. And the driver need to return the import/export form back to the CUSTOM, signed in front of the officer at left bottom column. Tricky part is they need to see your car…So, I did see some driver do the form return first while parking temporarily so the custom can see the car, then drive up ahead and park along the roadside and return back to the border to do the passport chop.

About the hotel, I booked through hotels2thailand as agoda i wasn’t able to find Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel in it. Anyway, this hotel was highly recommended in Forums. The staff was friendly, just that the hotel need some upgrading work, carpet was dirty, the aircond is not cold enough, and the toilet too was old. It comes with breakfast, a lot people, but still OK. We had the sky buffet for RM16.90 as well, to me it’s OK, but I think the fried chicken is same as the bfast though. Location wise, the hotel really convenient, coz there’s a lot of shopping right outside the Plaza. But changing lift is another problem, coz there’s lift for the Plaza and lift for the hotel, so if i stayed at 10th floor, i need to go from G-6, then change anotehr lift to go from 6-10th, a bit mess.

In terms of language, well, I know hokkien and mandarin, so not a problem there as most of the shop owners do speak mandarin/hokkien. Else english also works…If really they don’t understand any of these language, hand signal works too, and you’ll get what they mean too 😛 surprisingly…haha!

Overall, I wanted to go again to Hatyai, to buy some cheap stuff 🙂 hahaha…

How to clean up yellow spots on clothes/blackets etc

26 08 2011

Recently busy moving house and cleared up all the clothes, blankets and etc from my cupboards…
Too bad, notice there’s quite a few clothes and blackets had yellow spots…very ugly…
mainly due to moisture environment…
So, I read few comments on 百度about it and decided to go for a shopping trip and get some cleaner for it…
I saw “Good Maid stain remover”, which written there “enzyme” and give it a try…
it really works! All you have to do is spray a lot on the spot and put it aside for 10-15min and put into washing machine and wash with other cloths as usual….
I bought clorox as well, but haven’t give it a try to see does it work or not, as my cloth is coloured one too…


RedBox Maybank Credit Card promotion

6 07 2011

Redbox is giving buy 2 free 1 for maybank card holder…promotion until 31 July…

RedBox Summer Love

6 07 2011

Red Box Karaoke is having promotion for 20% discount for gentleman/ladies.

Gentleman’s day, for ladies partner will have 20% discount on Sun/Tues/Thurs.
Ladies day, for gentleman partner will have 20% discount on Mon/Wed/Fri.

So, if you are couple, any day you’ll get 20% discount except Sat 🙂

Formula One…

5 07 2011

Formula One….
Really exciting year…don’t know if I’ll have the chance to stand and feel the environment or not?!
The best one if I can watch Singapore Circuit night race 🙂 $$$ huh… hahaha….

Starting this year is a bit bored, as there’s not much competition for RedBull’s Vettel…
best, also McLaren’s Hamilton/Button or Vettel’s teammate Webber competing for the poles/chequred flag…
Now more interesting, as Ferrari come into the picture, Alonso 🙂
More teams competing for pole, so averaging out the championship points. More exciting…

It’s an exciting year, as it’s more of strategies (pitstop, tyre type, speed etc) and Perille tyres handling 😛